Bainbridge Island Senior Portraits | Fay Bainbridge & A Park Summer Session | Christina Servin Photographs

I met Abbey’s mom, Becky several years back at Bainbridge Dance Center when I started photographing their annual rehearsals. My daughter and I just started doing Mommy and Me Dance at BDC and it was a place where I just felt at home. Becky was always so kind and helpful during the annual performance rehearsals, and through the years I’ve had the absolute honor getting to know her and photographing her daughter, Abbey, an insanely talented and accomplished dancer! So when Becky asked me if I would take Abbey’s senior portraits, I jumped for joy.

For her session we decided to make sure it was during the golden hour on the island and to split our time between two locations. The perfect spots were Battlepoint Park and Fay Bainbridge. I feel like every kid that is lucky enough to grow up here, has spent countless hours at these two iconic spots. Admittedly, they also have beautiful light with a good deal of variety, something I’m always searching for with portrait sessions.

At Fay Bainbridge we were able to stay until after sunset, and get some of the soft pinkish hued images (and the awesome silhouette of Abbey jumping) that you’ll see toward the end. I love how proud momma and dad both let me take some photos of them with Abbey. Graduating seniors already pull on my heartstrings but when you add in mom and dad to the mix the photos are priceless.

Abbey, I wish you all the very best in your future!! You’re going to do amazing things!

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE being a photographer? Okay, I know it’s pretty much with every post, but I really mean it and am so grateful for all the wonderful clients who have come into my life. Summer is my craziest busy season because 95% of my work is either editorial or weddings and that means that in the Pacific Northwest we do weddings between June and October. It leaves me very little time to do much else, but I do carve out time on Fridays and Sundays to take family and senior portraits whenever my schedule allows.

I’m about to open up several weekends of mini sessions so that no family is left without a great holiday card or photographs of the kids to share with grandparents! If you’re interested in finding out more, please subscribe to receive the latest info!