Bainbridge Dance Center Annual Performance | Rehearsals, Part II | Christina Servin Photographs

There are no words for watching your child do something they love and are passionate about. I got to experience that joy tonight as my daughter danced on stage for the first time on day 2 of rehearsals for the upcoming BDC Annual Performance. It was thrilling, wonderful and oh so sweet. For tonights photographs I tried to capture images of the dancers solo as well as part of the whole. I did this because as a momma, I know what it’s like to see just your baby in a sea of dancers and I want you to have those images to cherish forever.

I hope that you’ll be patient with me as I will deliver your photographs by early August. There are roughly 1000 I’d like to share with you, but between travels abroad, and weddings I will need a bit more time than usual to deliver them to you! I promise you this will be worth the wait when you see a photo of your beautiful child mid-air, doing their finest grand je·té!

BDC performances run from tomorrow through Saturday. You can purchase your ticket here.

I won’t spoil the finale for you by posting the images but trust me, it is INCREDIBLE! xo