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January was a whirlwind month and I’m not sure how February slipped by and somehow we are now zooming toward March! As I reflect on what matters the most to me, travel is undoubtedly in my top three. Expensive clothing or shoes are not something I indulge in because my priority is exploring this great big world of ours. Luckily I married an avid traveler as well, and now our daughter is crossing the globe with ease too!

My must see before I die travel list is endless, and this past holiday we spent three weeks in Spain. We visited Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and Madrid. My lovely mother in law joined us too! It was so far beyond wonderful and much more amazing than I could have dreamt of. I felt so alive and happy in Spain. It is a warm and welcoming country with so much beauty everywhere . We ate a lot of new food, never turned down a delicious croissant or slice of freshly baked bread, and wandered endlessly taking in the beauty of this spectacular country. All good things must come to an end, and so we trekked back home and slowly adjusted back to everyday life… well kind of…

We did as any sane person does upon returning home from vacation and booked another trip! We are headed to France with friends to travel the canals by boater two weeks in July! We will miss our fourth of July, but we will instead celebrate Bastille Day in France! Firework photoshoot anyone?!

About a day after returning home, we decided it was time for Eliana to finally have a pet. We adopted 10-week old Pebble from the Kitsap Humane Society. Eliana is loving this little sweetheart and it’s so much fun watching her bond with a sweet fluffball of love. Kittens are like babies in that once you have one, you look around your house and realize there is stuff everywhere on the floor. Instead of musical instruments, toys and blocks, it’s squeeze toys, stuffed mice and milk bottle tops. We love this little cutie!


During our recent travels I carried only one camera with me. I wanted to travel light and enjoy every moment and the creativity that comes from seeing so many new things. Before leaving I bought a fabulous cross body bag and a super lightweight portable tripod kit. Then I paired down my equipment and brought my Nikon F100 (my lightest weight 35 mm film camera), with a 50 mm lens and an on camera flash. With a bunch of film and a few sets of batteries, my bag was the perfect weight for me to carry on all our excursions.

I worked while I was in Spain and shot with just this equipment (crazy, right?!). I felt so much freedom to create and not be weighted down with equipment. The results were spectacular. I returned and processed my film with The FindLab and received back dozens of dreamy, soft and romantic images.

Spain Destination Wedding summer sheath garden cservinphotographs2.jpg
Spain destination wedding editorial cservinphotographs bride sheath dress outdoors-5-Edit.jpg
Spain destination wedding editorial cservinphotographs bride sheath dress outdoors-4-Edit.jpg
Spain destination wedding editorial cservinphotographs bride sheath dress outdoors-25-Edit.jpg

Film Portra400 / Lab: TheFindLab