Bridal Boudoir - K | Seattle | Christina Servín Photographs | Part Three |

Here is the final feature of Kendra!  If you missed Part One or Part Two, be sure to check them out.  She is simply a stunner and I loved the vintage style and classic elements we were able to incorporate. 

I know I may talk about this a lot these days, but the boudoir photography industry needs a makeover!  We've had enough of the cheesy poses that only focus on in-your-face-sex appeal.  Not to mention the cheap filters photographers use to "blur" women until they are virtually unrecognizable and more doll-like than grown-woman.  Women are doing this for themselves now. They are feeling good in their own ski (insecurities are a-okay and natural).

And don't even get me started about this industry needing more women photographers.  With publications like Embrace Her Soul, we are seeing more fine art boudoir photography that is discerning and sophisticated (and mostly female photographers are featured).  You'll also see they have a tendency to almost exclusively film photographers and that supports their fine art focus. As a film photographer, the images are much more dreamy and creamy and it takes a lot of know-how to create a good image with film.

Well, I think that's enough for now.... :)  Here are the gorgeous last shots of Kendra.  I focused on several of the delicate details of her shoot and how we leveraged the soft light to focus on her beauty.  I hope you enjoy!


MODEL  |   @KendraRoselle & @lavender_roselle

MUHA  |  Paper Dolls NW   |  @paperdollsnw

HAIR  |  Jessica Rockwell, Jessica Rockwell Hair & Makeup  | @jessica.rockwell |

MAKE UP  |  Lisa Boehm, Lisa Boehm Beauty |  @lisaboehmbeauty

DESIGN  |  Enchanted Whimsy Design  |  @enchantedwhimsydesign  | 

PHOTOGRAPHER  |  Christina Servín, Christina Servin Photographs |  @christinaservin |