December ~ Things I'm loving | Christina Servín Photographs | PNW Wedding Photographer

Tis the season! There are so many wonderful things about this time of year. To start off my things I’m loving this season is the heart warming story of a Florida couple who decided to treat their guests with gifts instead of receiving them! The couple surprised everyone during their reception by giving each guest a $10 gift card. Then they asked them to hop in the car at their reception and go shopping at Target for Toys for Tots! The guests chipped in some of their own money to buy presents, as did the store manager which amounted to a massive donation! Asking guests to donate to charity is a common practice today, especially in couples that are already established and don’t want or need for much, but this tops the charts and makes a holiday wedding even more special and memorable.


Next on my list is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil . It’s one of two things I wear every single day, regardless of the weather or season (the other is lipstick). It is nourishing to my skin, and ahhhhh, the scent is heavenly and sexy. I basically talk it up to everyone as a must-try and give it as a present because I’m so in love with it. While it says you can use it on your hair, I tend not to because I have a good routine and don’t want to mess with it.. I do use it liberally to moisturize my face and skin. Still not convinced you want to give it a whirl? Check out this review of the French beauty staple in the New York Mag, The Strategist.


Next up is I think everyone’s favorite thing about this time of year — family. Spending time with my lovely little girl and husband makes the day brighter and makes the hectic part of the season feel a little less crazy.


And lastly, beautiful holiday decorations and dressed up dinner tables are one of the joys of this season. I just find that I tend to take more time to create a cozy and inviting table each night. Candles, richly hued napkins (or metallics) and table cloths are all part of my tradition.

Here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Film Photographs are Portra400 & developed by TheFindLab