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If you’re a 2018/19 bride you’ve surely heard about the no makeup wave that women are adopting for their wedding day. I love the idea, and I think any woman who chooses it kicks some serious booty, but if I’m being honest, it’s not for me. With that said, aesthetician services leading up to your wedding day are essential. There’s a lot you can do to improve your skin tone, health, and glow.

I love makeup wayyyy too much to not wear it. I like the way it enhances my features, or speaks to my mood (red and fuchsia lipstick = fun me). I also love the way it brightens my complexion. As a painter, I like playing with it and I have entirely too much makeup for one person, but what can I say, I love Sephora. As a photographer, when makeup is applied by a professional (it’s applied differently for the camera) it can make or break a shoot.

Fast forward to your wedding day, and your hair and makeup will need to stand up to a lot. Kisses, hugs, veils, weather, dancing. All this and it needs to stay fresh for roughly 10-12+ hours!

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Add in the fact that you’ll probably have some wedding day jitters. Even the coolest cucumber can get a little flustered or overwhelmed by the emotions of their big day. This is when you need someone else to take the helm and expertly get you ready to walk down the aisle. It’s also entirely worth investing in having them come to wherever you’re getting dressed. Everything you need will be all in one place — including the bubbly.

I think this feature in Southern Living does a great job of explaining the value of your makeup team. I especially like the point about products. Makeup artists have access to professional products that we do not. Why not take advantage of that?

As for hair, I mentioned that it needs to stand up to a lot of motion and emotion. Your team will help keep your curls bouncy, and your fly aways tamed. They too have professional products that make your hair look oh-so-touchable, when in fact it’s practically locked in place for all day. It’s like magic. :) Martha Stewart Weddings featured a great article on the top 4 things your hairstylist doesn’t want you to do on your wedding day.

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Once you have your team in place, you’ll undoubtedly want to do a test run or two. This is a great time to set up your bridal portrait session. If you want to learn more about what a bridal portrait session is, check out my post here.

I have a bevy of wonderful professionals I am happy to recommend to my brides. Here’s a vendor feature on the Kitsap side. Also on the top of my list would be the collective, Paper Dolls NW.

Also featured here — Jessica Rockwell Hair and Makeup is AHHHMAZING! She is a hair and makeup artist who also happened to of majored in photography so she is like an all-in-one-superhuman-stylist-and-artist.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Lisa Boehm of Lisa Boehm Beauty and her work incredible! She works between Seattle and Portland and is in great demand.

If you’re getting your locks in tip top condition for your wedding I recommend on the Kitsap side visiting Hawthorn Salon. In Seattle, Bowie Salon carries my favorite line from Japan, Shu Umera for luscious locks. And of course, Gene Juarez is a widely recognized and respected salon for brides.

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