Thank you for being a friend...

I met Jake on an elevator in Dallas.  We were both riding it one evening, headed to soiree. 

Our friendship started with regular outings, then expanded to brunches, and finally, I gained entrance to his inner sanctum…his loft. 

That’s when I saw it —a life-size element chart hung as art in his living room AND, his cherished set of Harvard Classics books— the very same ones I have collected and read since high school.  We were done for & fast friends. 

Then came a Russian Banyan Spa, but I’ll save that story for another day.

Our lives got more complicated, and harried, but we never forgot one another.  {I have tried to tempt Jake and Cole to come visit Seattle by subtly throwing into conversation that I have a power microscope.  I have proposed a dreamy day of collecting organic matter from the woods and water, while Cole paints in my art studio.  One of these days!}

As we moved from state to state, we kept in touch via snail mail.  Jake crafted beautiful notes that inspired and touched me.  I just tried to keep up.

Jake is formally trained as a scientist (and attorney).  He can see the gray, black and white...a rare soul.  He is philosophical, deeper than deep, and witty. 

Enter Cole.  Cole is spontaneous, giving, observant, and an artist through and through.  Cole is also a serious Golden Girls fan, hence, all the quotes and references in this post.  He is the counterpoint to Jake.  He paints fine art on canvas; as well as designs and sews clothing like a high end designer.  They are a match, and they represent balance and beauty.

I couldn’t be happier Jake and Cole found each other.  Engaged this last year, they are now planning their 2017 wedding.  

All you need is love!