Photography Is...

While photographing a pretty special wedding tonight, I found myself reflecting on what a privilege it is to be able to take photographs of people.  There are gracious people who stop and patiently pose for photos; the ones who ham it up in every shot and make everyone laugh and feel at ease; the people who are so stunning, nobody can take their eyes off of them; and then there are the ones who are most captivating... the one's who always seem to find a way to have their back to me; the person who sits back in a crowd and watches everyone else, or the people with the harried expressions or sad eyes.  I find myself wondering about who they are, and what they are feeling as we all share this common experience. 

For years I tucked away in my studio painting life as I saw it.  I was the introvert, who created best in solitude.   And then I found love, and shortly thereafter, had a family.  This experience nudged me out of my shell and into this beautiful world of photography where I get to feel more of who people are and what they are going through.   I am captivated by it all... No, I am utterly invigorated by the people around me.  Everyone has a story, and this profession gives me entree to it.  It is personal and it is a privilege.  

So, whether I photographed your back (repeatedly) tonight, or had the honor of speaking with you and learning a bit about you, I'd just like to say, thank you.