Simple Pleasures

Between building a business, photo shoots (six this next week alone!), and welcoming friends and family into our home, we are making the most of this beautiful time of year in Seattle!  As the frenzied pace just kept up this week, we dashed off to our local farm, Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farms for an afternoon of relaxation and raspberry picking.

The farmer set us up with a bunch of containers, a handy rustic berry holder, and led us to our own personal row of raspberries ready for the picking!  The kind farmer, also told Eliana that she could eat berries as she picked.  Probably 90% of the berries she picked were quickly gobbled up.  Ripe, luscious and wholesome!

We returned another day to pick more, and the farm had opened up another section of plants.  I didn't realize that the varieties have such a difference in flavor and texture.  The second batch were sweeter, and more crumbly, and just as delicious as the first!  Next up, blueberry and strawberry picking season!