Never miss a chance to DANCE

I need to work out more.  That's the take away after photographing the incredible dancers from the Bainbridge Dance Center (BDC) ,rehearsing for their 2016 Student Performances, at the Bainbridge Performing Arts this week.  Hard work and years of dedication to achieve this level of beauty is the key to their success.

The company ranges from itty bitty cuties, all the way up to high school seniors dancing on point.  I found myself grinning ear to ear while watching the little kids dancing.  The music for the modern and jazz pieces had me wanting to jump up and join in.  Those pics would certainly be interesting.

And with that, I am going for a run.  Today though, I think I'll do a little stretching.  Do you think if I can touch my toes, someday I'll be able to do this?


Goals are good, but these dancers have achieved something pretty phenomenal.  Congratulations and the very best to you this week!