The painter finds photography....and her happiness

Everyone keeps asking, are you still painting?  The answer is a resounding yes!  When my career started over 20 years ago, I launched Urban Crayon, and worked as a large scale, commissioned muralist in New England. About 10 years later, I moved into the fine art on canvas arena,  Both were extremely satisfying but had I not welcomed change and growth, I would have missed a huge opportunity for fulfillment. 


Those days as a painter were spent in a studio, painting solo for hours on end- music of all kinds blasting and a kind of bliss I cannot describe.  Sometimes I wouldn't come out of my studio for a week.  I was happy and relieved to be creating exactly what I wanted as a painter.  Great success came from that discipline -- for which I am grateful. 

So how did photography come into my sphere?  I would say, the biggest reason is I found the love of my life, and had a family.  Suddenly, time sped up and there were moments I wanted to freeze in time.  I found that my career as a painter helped set me apart from others in this field.  My style is heavily curated, and I am uncompromising with light, color and balance.  This is fine art, and nothing short of that will do.

In the quiet morning hours, I often duck into my art studio and paint.  Here is a recent install.  Oil on canvas, 60" x 60"